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Looking back vs Looking forward (updated)

Early Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free It is now more than 15 years since I formed Stolen Name, a musical project were to promote my songs. We tried for years to make us a place in the Spanish music industry, something virtually impossible for a rock band with songs in English. Although I eventually went through the hoop and composed songs in Spanish (some I even came to like) at the end the project never saw the light. Maybe things would have been different if we had not closed the door to small-scale proposals, or maybe if I had composed in Spanish from the beginning, who knows. Sometimes I look back in time and think of all the things I would do differently. The only thing I am sure of is that I do not regret having tried. It doesn’t always matter if you arrive at your destination or not, but what you live by the way... Read more

Man shot dead

Alex Ayones from Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free This song was written in March 1998 and it is part of the Stolen Name album. Nothing more to say. Just listen.

Bring me down

Alex Ayones from Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free This is another one of the songs we recorded with C.T. as the producer, and it would be included in our album. Like all the other songs we recorded following his orders, the result still left a lot of room for improvement. All his productions are characterised by having an excesive gain in the guitars, so they are all finally quite plain. To this, we must add the fact that in the final mixes guitars always have too low volume, partially to try to camouflage their sound. So this time I have encouraged myself and, even though I do not have separated tracks of any of the songs in the album, I have added some guitars... Read more

Say the right

Alex Ayones from Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free A demo that was too badly and too fastly recorded, though I still hope you will be capable of enjoying a song I’m happy to rescue. Recorded live at our rehearsal room in January 1997, with Nacho playing drums and Alfonso playing bass. It is dedicated to the people who always give you advices, even when you never asked them to... Read more

Going away

Promotional poster of Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free In my opinion, one of my best songs. I wrote it on March 1999, shortly before the ‘silent years’ I talk about in the post of Heavy load. Complex, varied and long, I know that is not exactly an easy single, nor intended to be. With Nacho on drums and Alfonso on bass, it was recorded in the rehearsal room using the analog multitrack, and we never played it live... Read more


Alex Ayones from Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free We used to call him like this due to his great passion for white powder. It was 1997 when another unusual character crossed our path. He was one of those who responded to our infinite models shipments by mail (yes, dear reader, we sent demos on cassette tape by mail, nowadays even I find it ancient). He was a young guy, tall and he had very long hair in a ponytail. After knowing him a little, we suspected that he was the son of a rich man who wanted to play being music manager. He had very large and expensive offices in one of the best areas of Madrid, with secretaries preventing from contacting him when he was not in the mood. In addition, the man practiced santeria and he had figures of saints and stuff like that in his office. All very normal. Fortunately I never had to witness a sacrifice... Read more

Heavy load

Alex Ayones from Stolen Name at the recrding studio- New Hard Rock - Download songs for free My guitar and I in full catharsis. A mystical ecstasy of pure pleasure and vent. Recorded with the analog multitrack 8-tracks recorder, this is not a demo nor is it intended to be played in concert. Its purpose is simply to create something for fun. Expressing myself keeping my mouth shut. The date was June 1999 when I wrote ‘You got high’ (not yet uploaded to this web), which was the last song I wrote in English in more than four years. By then I was pressured by a number of fronts to compose songs in Spanish. On one side was our producer at that time, the very important G.M. which, together with J.A., one of the most important and influential managers / producers in Spain, insisted that the thing would have much more output in Spanish... Read more


Alex Ayones and Ignacio Labrador from Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free After C.T.'s attemp to scam my money, as I say in the post about Little lie, I used the money I luckily hadn't spent and we went to another studio to record the missing songs of the album. This is one of the songs we recorder there. With Nacho and Alfonso on drums and bass respectively, it is about the saturation at which you can get when you think too much about a relationship that has gone wrong. Enjoy. Read more

'bout kings & queens

Alex Ayones from Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free This is another demo recorded with the old 8-track analog recorder for cassette tape. It is written for guitar, bass, string quartet and piano (these last instruments played with keyboards), although afterwords I wanted to test battery and I liked the result. All instruments are in my charge, except for the battery of Nacho. This is a sad song about an impossible relationship. Although in the end it mustn’t have been so impossible, because she ended up being my wife and mother of my daughter. Obviously I had the same eye for relationships to the music industry. I hope you like it. It is a song which, for obvious reasons, I have great affection... Read more

Little lie

One of the first shows of Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free This is the song that was to open our first album. The story of this unfortunate record is curious. C.T. contacted us to be our manager-producer. During recording in the studio I proposed him to be co-executive producer and pay a million pesetas (6,000 euros) to bear part of the cost of the recording studio, which seemed excellent to C.T.. We were already recording when we gave way to collaboration and drafted the contract. But every day in the studio went from bad to worse. It was common to have to wait several hours to start recording because there were always others using the hall in our hours. Even sometimes we had to return home without having recorded because the room would not be available... Read more

Midnight Strangler

Alex Ayones from Stolen Name - New Hard Rock - Download songs for free It seems appropriate to start with this song, which is one of the firsts I wrote with lyrics. In fact, it is the second with lyrics after dozens of instrumental tracks that I did until I started the singing. It dates from July 1993, which makes me feel pretty weird because I’m still a child.
Years later we recorded it as a demo, with Nacho and Alfonso on their respective instruments, drums and bass. To do this we used an old (and it was already 2nd hand then) 8-track multitrack recorder that recorded on cassette tape!. Either the CD era is more recent than it appears or will it be I am no longer a child. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it... Read more

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