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It is here now. With a delay of nearly 15 years, but it is here now. It was not planned, but seeing the good response to my songs at the YouTube channel, I have encouraged myself to carry forward a project that I thought it was already dead and buried.

In the album you will find the following songs:

1 - Little lie
2 - Snowman
3 - Black roses
4 - Bring me down
5 - Man shot dead
6 - Frustration
7 - Overdose
8 - Pearl
9 - Save your bones
10 - Somebody
11 - Disco
12 - Disco (extra)
13 - C

You can listen and download for free 2 of the songs in the album: Bring me down and Black roses. You can also listen and download these demo versions: Little lie, Snowman and Overdose.

About the album

The album was recorded in two different studios. In the first one we worked with the charlatan C.T. as the producer and, as I say in Little lie's post. The songs recorded there were Black roses, Bring me down, Frustration, Little lie, Snowman and Somebody.

The final result of all of the songs recorded with C.T. left much room for improvement. All his productions are characterized by having an excesive gain in distorted guitars, so at the end they are quite plain, In other hand, clean guitars where too dry and without bass sound. To all these we have to add the fact that in the final mixes guitars were always too low, partly to disguise their sound.

I was working on the post about Bring me down to afterwards upload it to YouTube when I thought that maybe I could, taking advantage of the possibilities provided by my home studio, improve the sound of the song. In addition to several technical improvements I also added some reinforcement guitars and another new ones, exploiting the gap there was between the couple drums-bass and the voice. The result was much better than expected; the song came to life again and I felt encouraged to do the same with the rest of the songs recorded in the first studio (excepting Black roses, which was so bad that we had to record it again at the second studio).

As I explain in the post about Overdose, with the money C.T. couldn't scam, I payed the recording of the rest of the album in the studio 'El jardín paramétrico' at Madrid, working myselft as the producer. Here we recorded Black roses (this time ok), C, Disco, Disco (extra), Man shot dead, Overdose, Pearl and Save your bones.

After restoring and improving the songs from the first studio I did the same with the only 3 songs recorded at 'El jardín paramétrico' that required treatment (Black roses, Man shot dead and Overdose). Once done, all the songs in the album have been masterized in 'Master plus' studio by Julien Courtois. Finally, the difference between the 'Stolen Name' album and the original recrdings is enormous.

Where to find the album

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