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Heavy load

Alex Ayones from Stolen Name - Classic rock music

My guitar and I in full catharsis. A mystical ecstasy of pure pleasure and vent. Recorded with the analog multitrack 8-tracks recorder, this is not a demo nor is it intended to be played in concert. Its purpose is simply to create something for fun. Expressing myself keeping my mouth shut. The date was June 1999 when I wrote ‘You got high’ (not yet uploaded to this blog), which was the last song I wrote in English in more than four years. By then I was pressured by a number of fronts to compose songs in Spanish.

On one side was our producer at that time, the very important G.M. which, together with J.A., one of the most important and influential managers / producers in Spain, insisted that the thing would have much more output in Spanish. On the other side were the members of the group, who also thought Spanish should be tried. It took eleven months until finally, in May 2000 I wrote my first song in Spanish. During those eleven months I recorded three of the four instrumental tracks I have. Not a good time, I was mired in a difficult internal struggle. Or giving up or beginning to write in a language in which I did not feel the music. For years I didn’t hear the music that had accompanied me all my life. No more Megadeth, or AC / DC or Nirvana, or anything sung in English. I devoted myself exclusively to classical music. This caused occasional odd situations, such as parties at home with ‘Death and the Maiden’, piano Concerto ‘Emperor’, and so on. In short, anything that reminded me that I could not sing in English. I even changed scenario and friends (unfairly, I must say) so I didn’t have to admit my defeat in front of them.

I do not want an unnecessarily long story explaining the circumstances of this song. Just say it is one of three instrumental songs I wrote during my ‘silent year’. Drums are played with keyboard and all instruments are at my office.

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