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It is now more than 15 years since I formed Stolen Name, a musical project were to promote my songs. We tried for years to make us a place in the Spanish music industry, something virtually impossible for a rock band with songs in English. Although I eventually went through the hoop and composed songs in Spanish (some I even came to like) at the end the project never saw the light. Maybe things would have been different if we had not closed the door to small-scale proposals, or maybe if I had composed in Spanish from the beginning, who knows. Sometimes I look back in time and think of all the things I would do differently. The only thing I am sure of is that I do not regret having tried. It doesn’t always matter if you arrive at your destination or not, but what you live by the way.

My main partners in this venture were 'Nacho' Ignacio Labrador (drums), Jose Alfonso Moreno (bass) and Héctor Bedoya (rhythm guitar). For years (wonderful years) we enjoyed, suffered, fighted, moved backwards and forwards but, above all, we made rock.

Taking stock of all this, I was recently thinking that we recorded some really good songs, but nobody enjoys them. I was making a picture of myself old and decrepit, hugging my tapes and CDs with wanton greed. Then I decided that although my youth project had not worked, that does not mean that some of you can’t get to enjoy my music. And with that hope I start this new project. In this blog I will post my songs after they have been restored to the extent possible. Some will be studio recordings and some will be simple models with low sound quality. In either case, I hope some of you may come to appreciate what they really are: my life.

Update: febrero 2013

After nearly one year of life of the YouTube channel and having confirmed that each day more of you enjoy Stolen Name's music, I am glad to inform that the first studio album is now available. Visit 'Stolen Name' album section for informacion.

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